September 7

Been a while since my last news post, and there have been a few things happen since then.  Had a nice little rain early on the 2nd–about .8 inch, but nothing since then.  Have gotten to watch the clouds build up each afternoon–as I am right now looking south –but the rain has not been here on the Hunker Down.  I was in BW Thursday for my veterans group, and enjoyed driving out of town during a real “gully washer”  It was flooding the streets it was coming down so hard: tried to drag it home with me, but no luck.  Well at least some folk around here are getting wet.

Have harvested the last of the cantaloupe–um-um have they been a treat.  Couple of the tomato vines are coming on strong right now along with some jalapenos.  That’s about it for the spring garden.  The sets I put out to start the fall were well enjoyed by the hoppers–got to get those chickens and guinea hens ASAP, or there won’t be a fall garden this year.  Praying for a wet cold winter to put a dent in the hopper population for next year.  Fingers crossed.

Took some of the herd to auction yesterday.  That is a new experience for me, and it does move really quick.  I suppose after a few, it gets a little easier to understand.  My friend Patrick and I had a lot of fun separating out the “goers”–only drew blood on me twice–once a real gusher that necessitated a break while I doctored it up.  We didn’t stay at the auction long, so I’ll wait for a check in the mail to see if I made out or not.

Missy’s little pups are starting to move about a bit more, and peeking over the lip of the box they are in.  Suppose that it won’t be but a few days more before they start making their escape, and that will signal the start of me having to deal with them more.–OH BOY.  For DL–who has conveniently been away, some pictures.mostlypups 005 (800x536)


tmostlypups 007 (536x800) mostlypups 009 (536x800)



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