September 22

AAAH—Life on the ranch; just one new adventure after another.  DL and I have been working rather steadily on that old east side fence.  Actually, we were painting on the chicken coop building—DL working on the trim (she is much neater than I am) and I was busy whitewashing the inside of the coop when DL says to me that the goats were sure talking a lot.  I sort of blew it off since I didn’t have my ears in, and was inside, but DL got real curious about it, and went to have a look.  Next thing I know, she’s yelling at me that the goats were across the fence (AGAIN).  So, I put down the whitewash brush, and went to see what all the commotion was about, and sure enough, part of the herd, along with Bert, were on the wrong side of that east fence trying to get back to the right side without a clue as how to do that.  Some of the other goats and Ernie were giving them some encouragement, and I crossed over to give them even more.  DL went for some corn, while I tried to keep them together near the fence—a bit of a job since they wanted to get back to the OP pasture for some strange browsing that is no different from the browsing in my pasture.  Long story short,–after much ado, a lot of coaxing, and loosening the wire ties on a couple of strands to widen the gap, we finally got them all back together where they belong, whether they think so or not.

Once we got them all settled, I took off for BW with the “BIG TRUCK” and trailer where I picked up ten 50 in x 16 ft. cattle panels at Tractor Supply, and the next day DL and I were “working fence” again.  Tied up 4 or 5 of the panels, and then began clearing the fence line northward from where we had stopped the previous time we were “working fence”.  This is a real old fence, and well over grown since it has been a long time since anyone has thought about doing some maintenance on it.  I suspect we got another 60-70 feet or so cleared—me on my hands and knees nipping and sawing the cat briar and assorted saplings off at ground level while DL pulled it back out of the way—before we just had to call it a day.

Next two days brought us some much needed and welcomed rain—not quite 2 inches total.  Other close by areas had a lot more than that, but I’m not complaining one bit—every drop is a blessing.  And, to be perfectly honest, I sure did welcome the down time to recover from that day on the fence line.

Meanwhile, Missy the new found dog’s puppies are growing and becoming a little more demanding of our time.  I should say DL’s time, since she is being real particular as to how they are to be weaned, but DL is off on another journey this weekend, so it is my time now that the demands are being put on.  Anyway, the little buggers are not much trouble, and kind of cute, and I don’t mind playing bitch for a few days.  Unfortunately, I’ll be back on the fence line again tomorrow because—

I was sitting at the computer enjoying a little bit of time with a good internet connection ( something that seems to get a little worse with each “up-grade”) when I started hearing some gun fire from the property on the east side.  Decided to walk over that direction to check it out—it is dove season, but the shots were coming from a rifle, not a shotgun, so I was a little curious.  Especially since the goats and LGDs were nowhere to be seen.  Walked the area where we had been working the other day, and figured someone was sighting in their rifle.  Since I was over that way,  checked out some more of the line for gaps—discovered two more places where downed limbs need to be cleared off the fence, but no particularly weak spots to my thinking, but then it seems those goats can find a weak spot in a solid brick wall.  Had just about reached the first area I had repaired several weeks ago after the first crossing incident, when damned if I didn’t see every blinking one of my goats on the wrong side of the fence again.  I gave the old “yo goats” yell, and actually was surprised when they all headed for the fence and home base.  Ernie got to me first, and I suspect he had been keeping watch on the right side while all his charges were on the other side, and as they were coming across, I was able to spot the latest crossing spot—a pretty good sized hole in the old field fence up near the north east corner of the property.  So that’s tomorrow’s job, just waiting for me.

Now, I don’t mind staying busy, but there are some other chores I’d rather stay busy at.  And all this fence work is seriously cutting in to my front porch rocker time.


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