July 20

Figured that I’d make today a “chain saw day”  Did manage to finish up with the oak that came down on the south fence line, and spent some time with the loppers hacking away the crown on the other downed tree near the yard fence.  Lucky for me, the goats had 3 days or so to work the downed crown over, so there weren’t many leaves to deal with–makes it a lot easier to get the loppers in where they need to be.  By about noon thirty, I was soaking wet, and ready to cool off, and that just about ended any progress I was making.  Have only gone out again to fill the bird feeders, and I think I’ll grab the camera and get a few after the rain pictures to put up on this blog.  Maybe, I’ll have enough gumption left in me to crank up the saw again later–much later–this afternoon/evening.

OK—did take the old camera on a little walk about, here are the results

water in the tank againafter the rain 003 (800x536) after the rain 005 (800x536)and Bert & Ernie rushing to see what was making all the noise (me, stomping aroundafter the rain 010 (800x536)here is the water in the little catchment pond down by the front gateafter the rain 012 (800x536)which soon will be added to the tank,  Don’t know where they hang out when things are dryafter the rain 014 (536x800) and as per Autumn’s request–Snowball & Cinnamon–aka dasher and dancerafter the rain 018 (800x536) after the rain 017 (800x536) and finally, a couple of the goats hard at workafter the rain 023 (800x536)More later, got to feed my babies.


2 thoughts on “July 20

  1. Kierstin

    These pictures are great but it was even better to get a chance to see it for myself. Hope you can get that tank stocked again.


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