July 21

I seem to have forgotten that every blessing has a down side.  All that nice rain has brought out the mosquitoes.  Been so long since I’ve been aware of any here on the Hunker Down, that i near forgot that they even exist.  Well, when I went out to let the goats out of the pen this morning, I sure remembered quick enough.  Wasn’t even through the gate and I was swarmed.  These guys are the big slow moving black ones that leave a blood splat behind when you swat them.  The green t-shirt I put on this morning is beginning to look a lot like Christmas now with all the red “balls” it is decorated with. Personally, I prefer the little fast moving jet fighter mosquitoes over these heavy bombers.

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day here on the Hunker Down.  I’m expecting a visit from my oldest daughter and my two grand daughters.  Haven’t seen any of them in maybe 5 years or so since son-in-law works for the state department and they are generally some where other than here in the states.  Looking forward to the visit, and it’s probably time for me to do some house cleaning anyway.  Got the fixin’s for a hamburger/hotdog cook out which should be fun.

All for now,


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