A few years ago, I purchased a little acreage at the end of a private road in the woods of western Brown County, Texas.  As time went by, I found myself spending more and more time at the “ranch”, and less  time back “home” near Austin.  So, about a year ago – August 2012 – I opted for the simple life and have been at the ranch ever since.

This blog is a record of my journey into the future/past — what I’ve accomplished, the mistakes I’ve made, and my dreams and ambitions for tomorrow,  In here, you can read about what I’ve been doing, am doing, and hope to do sometime in the near future.  To find out what’s happening, click the “news from Hunker Down at the top of the page.

If you want to know what I think about things–rants, raves, and plain old observations on politics, economy, foreign policy etc, jump on over to http://www.viewfromhunkerdownranch.wordpress.com.

Welcome all who may want to travel along.  Comment if you like.

NEW—I’ve decided to add another page to this blog.  It will be for true tales of my younger and wilder days–mostly the 70’s in and around Austin Texas.  Check out HisStory


6 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Warren Jenny

    Hey JVC. Really good to see/hear you. Glad things are going good for you. You sound happy with life & that’s a good thing. Take care & see ya later. Warren Jenny

    1. jvcstone Post author

      Warren, Good to hear from you too. Miss the group, but have found a good one here in BW. I’m at peace with my self and the world around me, so the move was a very good thing for me to do. Hope all is well in your world also. Think about your 56 often as older vehicles seem to be a passion around here, and I think one of the Sonics has a monthly “drive in”

  2. Al Brandon

    John this is Al Brandon, from Liberty Hill, Now in Mexico full time.
    I am living the good life, and love it very much.
    I went by your old last Sept. But you were gone, I did see Bernie, and he was well.
    Good luck on the ranch.
    Al Brandon

    1. jvcstone Post author

      Hi AL, Been a long time. Good to hear from you. So how is it down there on the sunny beach full time?? Bet there is a lot less stress, eh? Still trying to sell the old place–hope it happens soon so I can get on with things here on the Hunker Down.

  3. Autumn

    Hey Daddy! I like the site! I can’t wait to see more pictures, esp of the baby goats cinnamon and snowball! 🙂


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