Monthly Archives: October 2013

October 10

Been a couple of real busy weeks.  Won’t be making a lot of comment right now, but do want to get a few pictures up.  First, I went and bought a new billy for the girls.  Some how he is now called Buddy:grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 028 (800x528) He is what is called a “percentage” boar goat, 6-7 months old, pretty gentle right now.  The does were enthralled with him when I first put him up in the smaller side pen.  They had his pen surrounded pushing on the wire and flirting their tails off.  The thought was to keep him separated for a few days, but I guess we forgot to tell him.  He managed to get out and joined the herd on his second day here, and has fit right in.grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 030 (800x536) - Copy

Also the puppies have been —well being puppies.  They have discovered the freedom of the yard, and don’t really want to be penned up except at nap time, and after dark.  They will be 8 weeks this coming Sunday.  Anyone looking for a nice “wonder” dog??grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 032 (800x422) - Copy grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 033 (800x534) - Copy grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 040 (800x536) - Copy grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 046 (800x529) - Copy grand daughter Zoe + new pups etc 022 (800x522)The cat is named Nemis, and he has decided it is his job to keep the pups well occupied.

Final news–have a contract on the Liberty Hill property.  Cash sale, and the closing date is on the 18th.  Much of our time has been tied up with trying to move every thing.  Have a U-haul box van reserved for this weekend and hope to get all the furniture and the boxed up stuff in one trip, and a new double loft 8×12 storage building should also be delivered here to the hunker down by the time I arrive with the load.

Weather forecast is for rain which I’ll welcome, even if it means working wet.