Lots of little goats

well, after three sets of triplets, 3 sets of twins, and a single, My herd has doubled in size–all seem to be doing well, although the little single gave us a bit of trouble at first–couldn’t get a hold of it’s momma’s nipple.  Doing ok now though.  10 males so far, so we’ll have a busy neutering session in the near future.  Still have 4 does to go yet–2 are so big I would have thought they would have dropped last week  but what do I know!

Been doing a little welding–friend gave me a 300 gal fuel tank, and I’m building a rack for it.  Doesn’t look to pretty, but if it holds together and supports 300 gals of diesel fuel, I don’t particularly care how it looks.  Want to get it all together while the price of oil is so low.  Would hate to miss out on a bulk delivery of 2.00 / gal or less.

The coming week is sort of divided, and I may not get much done–undergoing the “scope” on Wednesday, and Tuesday will of course be dedicated to prepping.  Not looking forward to that, but after the procedure, I  hope I can convince my PC at the local VA that I really need to see an ENT to get the problem diagnosed.  Have been having trouble with my voice changing and being rather rough–going on now since last May.  Started almost immediately after I inadvertently inhaled a big old cloud of dust and mold while peeling some straw off of and old round bale.   Doc treated it as an allergy for the first couple of weeks, and then ordered a “barium swallow”  which showed a couple of interesting things, none of which were related to the voice issue.  She then ordered an endoscopic exam, but the VA in it’s infinite wisdom translated that into a gastro/intestinal issue and decided I needed both ends checked out.

That was in August, and we requested a fee basis procedure so I could have it done locally instead of having to go to Temple, spend a night there and OH–needing a driver.  Well—congress decided that we needed this veterans choice program, so now I contact an organization called tri-west, they contact the VA, the VA gives them approval (or not) and sends my pertinent medical files to them. They then find a local doctor willing to deal with so much bureaucracy, and I get an appointment for a consult and finally the procedure.  What use to take a couple of weeks at most through the fee basis office has taken 6 months–just what the VA needed-another layer of bureaucracy (one that I suspect is in it for a profit)–thank you very much congressional idiots for fixing something that wasn’t broke.

That’s it from the hunkerdown for now


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