Spring Time ?? on the Hunkerdown

Yesterday, (Jan 17)  i was presented with two new born goats when I went out for the AM chores.  The momma was halfwide–a nigerian dwarf that had a real difficult breach last spring and lost that kid.  This morning, Tatters (named for a torn ear) was being stand-offish from the herd, and by noon, she too had twin babies.  Great start to this springs crop, although a little earlier in the year than the previous three years.  But then, I don’t do anything to restrict their activities so I suppose it’s just nature taking it’s course.  Ten more ladies in waiting–praying for a birthing season sans problems–last years was not all that good.

Getting the garden ready, and have some seeds started in the cold frame.  Hoping for a nice average year’s precipitation, but with the two new wells drilled last year, I do have water on hand if momma nature decides we need to be dry again.


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