lost month

think I mentioned having an upper and lower “scope”  scheduled.  Good news is that every thing checked out OK.  Bad news was the side dish of pneumonia that came with the procedure.   I was probably as sick as I’ve ever been for a couple of weeks, and am just now really getting back to speed.  Fortunately, my lady friend from down Austin way was able to arrange her schedule so that she could spend most of February here on the hunkerdown, and keep things under control, and another good friend was able to spend a few days helping with some major chores like picking up feed etc.  Good thing too, since the goats did not stop dropping babies while I was in bed, and as usual one momma decided she didn’t want to take care of all of her’s, so again, we have two bottle babies, and my friend (bless her) managed to get that going on top of every thing else.  Total is 23 babies with one doe still to go (if she is even fresh)

Being down like that really put me back as far as spring garden chores–only have a couple rows of peas, and some lettuce and spinach planted and peeking out from below ground.  Did manage to get a few more trees in–2 pecans, 3 peaches and another plum.  Also some new bush cherries to compliment last years planting.  A little rain today, and some more possible tomorrow and Wednesday is really welcomed by both the new plantings and  me.

Don’t imagine this years garden will be as extensive as last years.  Partly because of the late start, but mostly because this old goat is starting to feel the years, and I’m finding that I can’t get near as much done in a day as I could 10-20 years ago.  More and longer breaks seems to be the new rule which is frustrating for someone use to going strong for 5-6 hours straight without any breaks at all.  Guess a body has to do what it needs to if there is any chance for a future long enough to eat pecans off of those new trees.

Primary season-what a joke.  Guess I need to cross over to the other site.  So much has happened since my last rant I feel a great desire to vent coming on.



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