July 18

Just added another tenth of an inch or so over last night–almost 8 inches from the event.  Talked with some friends at group today, and they had anywhere from 3-4 inches up to 10-12 inches.  Heard some mention of 14 and 15 inches up on the Lake Brownwood watershed, so maybe this will ease the water restrictions also.  Blue sky now, and everything is green and happy–doesn’t get any better than this (excepting if we can get another good rain event in another week or so.)

The bottle babies are growing and really hitting the bottle now.  Both of them guzzle the first 12 oz. or so  without stopping for a breath, or so it seems.  Snowball will stop at that point, shake her head, and go back for another 3-4 good licks.  Cinnamon doesn’t stop until she is finished. Both are downing 16-18 oz. at a feeding now.  Today is the first day for trying them on a two a day schedule.  Seems to have worked pretty well since they are out browsing in the yard and not hanging out on the porch bitching at me to feed them right now.  Need to drive into Temple tomorrow, so they’ll get feed early and not again till I get back.

Saturday will be the GET BACK to WORK day–have been really lazy during the rain–even if the days have been relatively rain free.  But there is lots to get done, so vacation is over.  Looking out the window, there is a pair of brilliant red birds having a good time in the yard and painted buntings at both seed feeders.  Saw that big white dove again earlier.  Think that it is paired with one of those guys with the black half ring around their neck–what the book calls a Eurasian Collared dove–not supposed to be around here, but obviously the 6 hanging out in the yard didn’t get that word.


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