July 17

Only added .3 inches to the total since last night.  Got out in the garden this afternoon–turning a bed that prior to this good soaking had been too hard to stick a fork in,  Humidity so high, I could only handle it for a little while before retreating to the (AC) house.  Had another post oak break off about 6 feet above the ground.  This one was hollowed out also–that makes 4 or 5 in the last few years.  Got the chain saw back from the shop, so I need to finish clearing the one that is down on the south fence line, and then work on this new one.  The goats sure had a nice time climbing around in the now on the ground branches filling up on fresh oak leaves.

I suspect that the rain is not over yet–radar shows the moisture still moving up from the southeast, and I haven’t noticed any change in the wind.  National radar map seems to show a front

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