July 16

Hooray,  another 3.5 inches since I dumped the gauge last night.  Actually have some standing water even though the rain has stopped for now.  More in the forecast for the rest of today and tomorrow.  More later.

well. not much else happened as far as rain today–couple of showers that didn’t add anything to the gauge.  Happy as can be, though as the tank now has substantial water in it, and if it clears tomorrow, I’ll be setting up the pump on the catchment pond, and moving that water up to the tank also.  Will post up some pictures so you can see what a difference a couple of rainy night can make.  Oh, radar shows another line of storms coming our way from the southeast, and later tonight the wind will move around to the north as the front finally passes.  Could be a rough night before it is all out of here.


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