July 15

Rain—we finally got some.  3.3″ overnight, with more (fingers crossed) to come..Haven’t been out for a walk about yet to see if there has been enough run off to put some water back in the tank.  Dry as it has been, though, and the sandy nature of the soil, I suspect most of it has been soaking in which is a good thing—every thing needs a good drink.  I’ll update later.

the update—3.8 inches during the 24 hr period between putting the goats up last night and tonight.  Dumped the gauge but it is filling on up again.  Coming down hard right now.  Tank has some water once again, and the catchment pond by the gate will be worth pumping up to the main tank

Bottle babies have taken possession of the front porch–can’t say as I blame them

Feeling good on the Hunker Down right now


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