August 10

Probably a week has passed since I last posted—not much going on around the Hunker Down these days.  Hot and humid, and not very conducive for outdoor work so I haven’t been doing much of that.  A little work on the chicken pen, a little work in the garden, actually hooked the shredder up to the tractor and spent some time out on it—but all in all, you might say I’ve come down with the summer lazy flu.

Getting lots of squash –yellow crook neck for the most part, but a few butter nuts also.  And, the zucchini plants that the grasshoppers completely devastated have shown signs of revival, and picked a couple of nice zucchinis also.  Lot of cantaloupes coming on, and even some water melons are starting to show.  Tomatoes —getting a nice amount of green ones, but the only ripe tomatoes I’ve had were from a couple of potted cherry tomato plants by the front porch, and the bottle babies took a liking to those plants.  We had a nice little quarter inch shower the other night, and the clouds are building up to the south right now, although there is nothing in the forecast for the next few days.  Every drop sure helps out though.

Speaking of the bottle babies—now 9 weeks old and spending most of their time with the herd.  Feeding with full liter bottles now since they started draining the 20 oz. bottles we had been using, and I’ve been feeding them in the goat pen so I won’t have any more garden trouble from them.  I’m still their mom though, and whenever they see me, they let me know that with their bleating.   Bert & Ernie have taken it upon themselves to give these little girls some extra attention—I guess they instinctively know that there is a disconnect between these two and the rest of the herd that will take some time undoing.


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