August 2

First post this month—we’re in the midst of the “dog days” of summer, and because it is so hot, I find myself not doing very much in the way of outdoor work—or any work for that matter.  For everything there is a season, and this is my season to relax.  I have been prepping a couple of beds in the garden since the end of August-first of September is fall garden planting time, and I would like to try a few things.  Just watching the long range weather, and getting serious about getting a storage tank—2500 to 3000 gallons—that I can fill from the pond, and then have water for the garden without worrying about the SUD water restrictions.  Hard to become “self-sufficient” without growing some food, and hard to get that food to grow without any water, eh??

The new pup has moved right on in, just like she has always been here.  Got to get a picture of her toothy grin –have never seen anything quite like it.   Gypsy has also adjusted, and is being very tolerant, although the new pup doesn’t bother her very much, anyway.  When I woke up this morning, they were curled up next to each other beside the bed—a good sign of peaceful co-existence.

The bottle babies are doing well—feeding them just twice a day now, about 20 oz. each at each feeding.  Also keeping them in with the rest of the herd at night, and letting them roam with the herd for part of the day.  Snowball has gotten to where she will eat the dry feed some, and consequently she seems to be taking a little less formula than Cinnamon is.  Also, Snowball seems to be a little more at ease with the other goats.  Of course, Cinnamon, being the “runt of the litter” has always been a little behind Snowball at every new stage, so I expect she will adapt better in the next day or so.

The mosquitoes have eased up a little, still out there, but not nearly as bad as a week ago.  The grasshoppers have also eased up a little.  Could be that the rain had something to do with that.

All in all, it’s been a nice quiet, peaceful day here on the Hunker Down—just the way I like it.  Summertime, and the living is easy—can’t ask for anything more than that.


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