August 11

Odd thing happened while I was feeding the bottle babies this morning.  I am now feeding them in the pen with the other goats before I turn them out for the day, but very rarely do any of the other goats show much interest in what’s going on. (Bert & Ernie do though)  Well, this morning their momma came right up to where I was sitting with the babies sucking away on their bottles, and began sniffing around on the bottles and the babies.  Almost like she still knows that they are hers, and she was making sure I was doing right by them.  Probably just my imagination, but it sure was strange.

Brief shower during the afternoon–about a tenth.  Had been working in the garden trying to make some sense out of the tomato bushes–didn’t stake them when I put them out, figuring the grasshoppers were just going to make a meal out of them.  Well they didn’t–seems like that nice 7 inch rain we had last month slowed the hoppers down significantly–and now I’ve got tomato vines crawling all over each other.  Got the major confusion sort of sorted out and staked, still more to do.  Glad that all the work earlier this spring didn’t just dry up and blow away—seemed to be the direction things were headed before those clouds sat on top of us for those few days.  Would be nice if it would happen again sometime soon.Any, feeling a lot better about prepping for the fall planting.

that’s whats happening on the Hunker Down today.


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