New years day 2016

Knew it had been quite a while since I last made a post. Didn’t realize that come march–it will be two years. I resolve (we all know how that works) to post on a more regular basis.

Meanwhile–lets just say it has been a busy last couple of years. Added a kitchen addition to the little cabin which is slowly finishing up. Expanded the garden area, added some more fruit and nut trees. Bought an old 64 dodge D-100 pickup and have been working on it some–drives well enough to drive it into Brownwood for the bi weekly load of feed. Also have been busy clearing some in the pastures, and now have a PTO powered Chipper which is (and will be) a great help in cleaning up. Especially all the stuff the goats have killed up to brows height +/- 6 foot. If I’m lucky enough to have a few more working years, it might actually start looking good here on the ranch.

Buried old Gypsy a year ago now, but Missy has more than filled her place. Burt and Ernie are starting to show a little wear, but still going strong doing the job they are supposed to do. Goat herd is like an accordion–expands and contracts depending on the season. Not but 16 out there right now, but took about 3 dozen to auction during the spring and fall last year. Suspect things will start expanding again here in another month or two.

Have been feeling a need to add some more to the HisStory section. Might be the only way my girls will have a clue as to the journey their old man was on back then. Been living a different life for a long time now, but have no regrets about the old me either. As they say, we are nothing more than the sum of our experience, and each choice made, each fork taken is what has brought me to who and where I am today, and I wouldn’t change places now with anyone.

might just need to vent a little more often over on the other site too. So much going on in the world that shouldn’t be happening.

hope to be back real soon

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