July 11, 2013

well, tonight we have one of those 20% (wishful thinking) chance of rain forecasts,, and by god, it’s out there somewhere.  I can hear thunder, and while out a few minutes ago, I thought I could even smell rain, but so far, not a drop.  But I will continue to think wishfully.  🙂

had a treat tonight–first cantaloupe from the rapidly fading garden.  From the vine right to the tummy–even still a bit warm from the days heat.  Doesn’t get any better than that, and I’m not even particularly fond of cantaloupe—specially if it’s store bought.  Just sorry that the person I planted the vines for couldn’t be here to enjoy the fruit of my labor with me.  Hope there will still be some on their return in a couple of weeks.

Bottle babies are 5 weeks old today, and while a little bit smaller than their siblings who are with momma, they sure are getting big, hyper active and mischievous just like a little goat should be.  I’ve been taking them into the pen in the evening while I’m feeding and watering the herd.–tonight, Cinnamon, the smallest of them all, was having a head butting contest with her brother who is the biggest of the 4.  Double wide would try to  break it up with a little nudge, but the two little ones would just go right back after it when she would turn away.  Snowball, the other bottle baby, was enjoying a similar contest with what must be her niece–her mother’s daughter’s (from two generations back) first baby born during the past winter.  Seems like a size mismatch doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to goat contests.

Well that’s the way it is today on the Hunker Down–Time to start getting prepped for tomorrow.


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