Since this is the very first post in this blog, I’ll attempt to bring my readers up to date on what has happened here on the Hunker Down during the past year.

Prior to moving to the ranch full time, I’d spent a good deal of time (and cash) building new fence on the south and west sides of the property – the intent being to keep a few goats to clear the heavy under growth and add a little meat to the freezer.  Also acquired a 35 hp tractor with a few implements which has proven to be well worth the investment  as I can accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time with it, and at my age, time has become a valuable commodity.

The property came with a little two room cabin that is ample for my needs, but not so much for my lady friend so I suppose I either build onto it or suffer the consequences. hunkerdown 019 (800x536) That’s a project that will become a priority after the basics of a homestead are in place which should be fairly soon now.  The goats have a pen and shelter,hunkerdown 023 (800x536) the garden area has been defined with some raised beds and more to come, hunkerdown 026 (800x536)and I’ve just finished building a combination garden tool shed and chicken coop–just need to fence in their pen area and that is a completed project.hunkerdown 025 (800x536)  Also have a good sized hole in the ground which will eventually become a root cellar/storm shelter.  And, the house yard and garden area is fenced off from the rest of the place so the goats and their LGDs can have the run of the place without getting up too close and personal.

That little thumbnail sketch essentially brings us up to date, –the various adventures getting here will find there way into the blog as time goes by.


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