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July 15

Rain—we finally got some.  3.3″ overnight, with more (fingers crossed) to come..Haven’t been out for a walk about yet to see if there has been enough run off to put some water back in the tank.  Dry as it has been, though, and the sandy nature of the soil, I suspect most of it has been soaking in which is a good thing—every thing needs a good drink.  I’ll update later.

the update—3.8 inches during the 24 hr period between putting the goats up last night and tonight.  Dumped the gauge but it is filling on up again.  Coming down hard right now.  Tank has some water once again, and the catchment pond by the gate will be worth pumping up to the main tank

Bottle babies have taken possession of the front porch–can’t say as I blame them

Feeling good on the Hunker Down right now


July 14

Well, according to the weather people, there is a good chance for rain beginning this evening and extending through Wednesday.  Varies from 30% all the way up to 70%.  Current radar shows all the action well to our east—Dallas -Waco area along the I-35  corridor.  Since our weather usually comes from the west, that’s not a good sign for the Hunker Down.  Keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.


July 11, 2013

well, tonight we have one of those 20% (wishful thinking) chance of rain forecasts,, and by god, it’s out there somewhere.  I can hear thunder, and while out a few minutes ago, I thought I could even smell rain, but so far, not a drop.  But I will continue to think wishfully.  🙂

had a treat tonight–first cantaloupe from the rapidly fading garden.  From the vine right to the tummy–even still a bit warm from the days heat.  Doesn’t get any better than that, and I’m not even particularly fond of cantaloupe—specially if it’s store bought.  Just sorry that the person I planted the vines for couldn’t be here to enjoy the fruit of my labor with me.  Hope there will still be some on their return in a couple of weeks.

Bottle babies are 5 weeks old today, and while a little bit smaller than their siblings who are with momma, they sure are getting big, hyper active and mischievous just like a little goat should be.  I’ve been taking them into the pen in the evening while I’m feeding and watering the herd.–tonight, Cinnamon, the smallest of them all, was having a head butting contest with her brother who is the biggest of the 4.  Double wide would try to  break it up with a little nudge, but the two little ones would just go right back after it when she would turn away.  Snowball, the other bottle baby, was enjoying a similar contest with what must be her niece–her mother’s daughter’s (from two generations back) first baby born during the past winter.  Seems like a size mismatch doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to goat contests.

Well that’s the way it is today on the Hunker Down–Time to start getting prepped for tomorrow.


July 10th, 2013

One of the pleasures of living in the woods is the ever present wildlife.  I keep several bird feeders in the front yard, which always gives me a little entertainment while relaxing on the front porch rocker.  Cardinals and tufted titmice are a year round presence, while seasonal visitors include several different finches, painted buntings, Carolina chickadees, redwing blackbirds, spotted towhees, and many smaller birds that these old eyes can’t see well enough to identify, and this old butt is too lazy to go find the binoculars to get a better look.  Also have a resident coopers hawk family, and some hummers from early spring to late fall.

Prior to fencing in the yard, I would sit on the porch and watch road runners and wild turkeys walk (run) through the yard within feet of where I was sitting—once, a good looking red fox trotted right through the yard also, stopping to check out the fire pit, but paid no attention to me being there.  Now, with the fence up, I don’t have those sort of up close and personal visits, but for a couple of weeks back in June, a wild turkey hen would walk from where she sitting a clutch of eggs (I’m assuming) along the drive in front of the house towards the tank where there was still some water at the time.  I’d see her almost daily either coming or going.  And of course, the squirrels are fond of foraging under the seed feeders—sometimes there might be 3 or 4 on the ground at once.  They seem to love teasing Bert & Ernie when the fence is between them, and they spend a lot of time scolding the cats from the safety of the trees.

I keep a corn feeder up for the deer, but they don’t make their presence known during the day.  Neither do the wild pigs which I have a couple of running around the place.  The kids gave me one of those infrared game cameras that I set up by the feeder.  Here is a sample of what the night holds here on the Hunker Down.

1-12-12 008 1st night at feeder 003 at the feeder 016 at the feeder 038

There are at least 3 coyote families in the area.  You can hear them talking to each other, mostly right at dusk.  I suppose they are letting each other know where they are hunting that night so that they don’t run into each other.  Several times, their calls have been real close – right up to the property perimeter fence, and before getting the LGD’s, I would find scat, and big old canine paw prints while out on my daily walk abouts.   Still find the occasional scat up in the woods on the far north side of the property where the existing perimeter fencing is old and not nearly as good as the fencing I put up on the unfenced west and south sides.  But, Bert & Ernie do their job, and I have yet to lose a goat. (knock on wood!!!)

Anyway, it is July, so it is hot and dry.  Seems like there is always a forecast of rain in the extended forecast, but by the time those dates roll around, any chance is gone.  I guess they do that just to get our hopes up.  What we really need now is for a tropical system in the gulf to track just right so it dumps it’s load on us, but any moisture would be more than welcomed.  Still have a bit of work to do on the chicken pen, so best get at it.